Genocidal Organ makes no sense

[Another old post that I want to put up before it gets too old… I wrote this before I got into the habit of taking screenshots, so no pictures. I think the writing also feels strained and unclear, but I’m glad to observe my own improvement over time there]

Or at least, it makes very little sense…

Spoiler-Free Impressions

Let’s start with the good: Genocidal Organ, the 2017 animated movie based on a 2007 novel by the pseudonymed science fiction writer “Project Itoh”, demonstrates a marvelous imagination with excellent visuals to match. Though the prevailing grey and brown color palette isn’t exactly pretty to look at, it expertly contributes to the bleak tone of its distopian science fiction future.

But overall? Don’t bother.

Genocidal Organ is too ambitious. The narrative is convoluted and its points vague. Even the basic plot felt incomprehensible as it jolted around between long dialogues with no apparent relevance to previous events before jumping straight into the next topic with little transition. Meanwhile, apart from the villain John Paul, none of the characters have any meat to them — primarily because half of the cast are super soldiers with emotional suppression nanobot conditioning (what a mouthful, technobabble strikes again). At two hours, Genocidal Organ is too long to hold interest but also too short to sufficiently explore its excessive multitude of themes. Basically it — well, it makes no sense.

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