Hensuki prediction thread, plus a defense of *my boy* Keiki

How far can you push one man – nay! – just a poor boy…

[Um, this is a joke, by the way. Manic, satiri-nomi-comical. I do not endorse my own opinions, except for the one where I call Hensuki terrible. Sometimes I think that these harem “comedies” don’t know when they cross the line into unfunny abuse or, at the very least, I don’t know why stuff like this still gets made in such an oversaturated market]

Hensuki is terrible. Terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible. I mean, just look at the title: Kawaikereba hentai demo suki ni natte kuremasu ka? or Would you fall in love with a pervert if she’s cute? (Hensuki for short). I thought we hit peak harem with Kono naka ni hitori, imouto ga iru! — My Little Sister is among them! but Hensuki comes pretty close. Oh, and a little sister is among them here too. And oh, it’s terrible.

But. BUT. Buuuut.

The series has attracted some derision for its weak male protagonist Keiki (a real piece of cake). I vehemently disagree and must defend Hensuki on this point.

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